Receive the latest insights, research breakthroughs and a perspective about future changes to look out for in all four Pillars of the Gathering from global experts and thought-leaders in their respective field. The key-notes serve as an impulse with many great take-aways, but also the starting point for debates in each field. Listening to those working on the frontiers of their discipline, will give you a massive advantage on how to move forward and execute in the new decade.

Some Impressions

“We created this Gathering, because we wanted to offer the greatest discourse on the most pressing questions about the future of our species between experts in different fields from all across the globe. We felt it was time to make this discourse as widely accessible as possible. Through all kinds of different formats and hands-on experiences, the Pallas Gathering will be an uplifting, mind-expanding and memorable event.”

Jonathan Sierck

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