Dear Friends, Partners and Supporters of our Pallas Gathering Initiative,

in 2018 I decided to be courageous and take the initiative to create an event that would allow thousands of people to experience inspiring personalities from all across the globe in a discourse about the future of our species. The intention was to combine the topics of Work, Learning & Development, Cognition as well as Mindset & Meaning - which are all connected - and build a platform that would offer as many people as possible access to this crucial conversation. For almost two years my team and I poured our hearts, a lot of sweat and nerves and resources into this ambitious project. I knew that in order to bring this Gathering to life, either we had to take the risk and do it ourselves or it would never happen. Since it is my core conviction that life is meant to be lived fully (which includes some calculated risks) and that I rather fail having tried the things that are of utmost importance to me and to what I trust is the right thing to do than playing it safe without ever risking anything, I knew that I could fall flat on my face with this endeavor. Nonetheless, not one for second did I ever think, it wasn’t worth trying.

Today I am writing this message as a means to express my utmost gratitude for your genuine support, your shared interest, your sincere caring in a project that resonated with you in one way or another. Having been very privileged in the past decade, where I got to meet most of my heroes in person and learn from them at seminars, masterminds, intimate workshops and life-changing adventures, Pallas Gathering was meant to be a way of giving back, bringing together a vast variety of thought-leaders who’s perspectives can truly be game- and life-changing and to do this at a big personal cost and risk. I am also writing this message to tell you that although we are prohibited by law to execute our event this July, we will find a way to be back and pull it off at a later stage (dates to be announced, as soon as we can plan properly again).

As event-hosts our entire team is solely focussed to ensure an uplifting, insightful and inspirational time before, during and after the event for all attendees. However, there is one thing that is even more important than that to all of us: the health and safety of everyone involved. At our event people should only be infected with joy, clarity and an optimistic outlook for what is to come. Nothing else.  We are aware of our responsibility as hosts and will only execute our vision, when we can guarantee the aforementioned points.

The current situation allows us to focus on what is truly important, to reduce speed and embrace the beautiful human side in all of us. It is an opportunity to live the credo that every obstacle, every challenge and every setback has a good in it, that a new chance, a new awakening is awaiting us and that we can act to witness it and be partially responsible for its blossoming. Full transparency: I was really heartbroken, disappointed and upset, when I realized in early March that we probably won’t be able to follow through with what we had planned. Yet, as the weeks went by and I started to notice, how this crisis brought me even closer to my friends, family, team-members, fellow entrepreneurs and many others and that the same effect took place globally, I grew increasingly grateful and changed my outlook to an optimistic one with an even stronger new-born belief that challenging times make us more creative, adaptive, resilient, aware and will offer Pallas Gathering and its attendees a stage to discuss even more vital topics about how we can actively design and shape a future that we can be proud of and that has human-values that we were all born with - such as curiosity, eagerness to learn and explore, doing good and bringing joy to other people’s life, choosing people and personal-growth over profit-margins, taking a breath and humbly acknowledging the ultimate gift of being fully alive and present - at its core.

I want to personally thank all those, who already purchased their tickets, for their understanding in our situation and for  allowing us to deliver on our promises at a later stage. I want to thank all partners for their trust and for staying on board with us. I want to thank the speakers for their flexibility and interest that Pallas Gathering can take place in the future. And I want to thank my entire team for their loyalty and their incredible support during this tough time. As a small company Corona has been a big hit for us, however, we’re all affected and we’re all in this together. Let’s master this together and ensure that we will not forget the great lessons this crisis has taught us, that we maintain the sincerity in our interactions and that we bounce back to do meaningful things that improve the quality of life of those around us. As Buckminster Fuller put it so aptly: „The purpose of our lives is to add value to the people of this generation and those that follow.“

I wish you and your families and teams all the best and will keep you posted on our next steps.

Thank you!

Jonathan Sierck & The Pallas Gathering Team

FAQs and important points at a glance:


Since big events are prohibited in Germany until the 31st of August and the current situation does not allow to plan properly and ensure the health and safety of our attendees, we were forced to move the event. As event hosts we have a responsibility and cannot take any risks. The opinions of experts are also different, therefore, it is not clear yet, how to proceed ideally, to ensure a fun, customer-friendly and save event.


No. However, all tickets remain their validity and can also be transferred to other people until 48 hours before the event. We are a small company that had to pay big sums in advance to get the project off the ground. Without our revenues, we cannot guarantee to fully cover all our staff- and other running invests (such as marketing, speaker, merchandise and other expenses, which we had to settle before the outbreak of the corona-crisis already). We will deliver our service as promised, as soon as events can be executed safely and without severe restrictions again.


As soon as we can and planning allows, we will announce the new dates of our Gathering.


It will only improve. Our existing speakers will be part of the Pallas Gathering with an addition of other high-profile international speakers.