The future of work

  • Meaning and Purpose in the 21st century – how does increasing automation and digitization match with employees still feeling relevant and highly engaged?
  • Upskilling and Reskilling – strategies for “Closing the Skills Gap”
  • Creating company cultures that allow employee autonomy, striving for excellence and achieving mastery – the basis for intrinsic motivation
  • New Work concepts: co-creation, collaboration, virtual teams and other trends
  • Working agile and other means of creating great output and valuable products
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The Future of Mindset & Meaning

  • Thriving in exponential times: Developing strategies of coping with fast change and dealing with complexity
  • Lessons about mental strength, endurance and stamina from the field of sports
  • Realizing opportunities – being one step ahead, instead of constantly remaining in reaction mode
  • Mindfulness, resilience & inner poise in a VUCA world
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The future of learning

  • Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, BMIs (Brain-Machine-Interfaces) and other emerging technologies that will impact the field of learning and education
  • Wider access, personalization, full immersion, etc. – the big trends in the learning industry
  • Cutting-edge L&D concepts for companies
  • Different strategies, approaches and success stories on how to train vast numbers of employees in digital times
  • A global perspective: how emerging markets and developing countries tackle the L&D challenge of the 21st century
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The future of cognition

  • Mental health in times of toxic stress, distractions and information overload
  • Measures on how to prevent early mental decline and deal with the “Cognitive Crisis”
  • Digital Minimalism concepts: Using technology wisely and effectively
  • Decoding the brain – current efforts in neuroscience and their implications
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