Dino Poimann

Creative Catalyst, Facilitator as well as a dedicated promoter of Life-Long Learning & Playing

About me

Dino Poimann is a Creative Catalyst, Facilitator as well as a dedicated promoter of Life-Long Learning & Playing. His passion is to discover extraordinary connection and creating free space within systems and people – in a constant search for the hidden potential of life.

He is working as a freelance consultant since 2013 within the fields of high-performance sports, art and business. His clients range from fields like martial arts and game design to innovation departments and ordinary school children.

Within the context of sport, he has worked with individuals, coaches and teams on national and international level. Furthermore, he holds workshops and talks about communication, decision-making, mindfulness, co-creation, learning and leadership.

From 2015-2018 he worked at the department for Sport and Exercise Medicine at Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg. There he was responsible for several multi-disciplinary projects within the scope of sport, psychology and technology. Especially, tackling the fields of wearables, bio-/neurofeedback and extended reality in combination with decision-making and personality.

In 2018 he has started his work as a psychologist at the Red Bull Football Academy. At the Academy he is responsible for the development and implementation of a new psychological concept with a strong focus on personal growth and development. Furthermore, he has worked for Germany’s national u20 football team. He still follows his passion for science by advising universities and start-ups on their research projects.

Dino holds a master’s degree in psychology with further education in humanistic therapy, co-creation and cognitive training. Great inspirations for his work and life are the values of the renaissance, daoism, the ocean, Hermann Hesse, Bruce Lee and Eugene Gendlin.

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