Dr. Maren Urner

Neuroscientist & Bestselling Author

About me

Maren received her PhD in Neuro-Science, because she is fascinated by the human brain. The bad news is: We are far from truly understanding, how our brain works. The good news is: Our brain is changeable and flexibel - all life long.

Maren is also fascinated by the questions: what motivates human beings and how we can create a just and sustainable future for all of humanity? As a result, she co-founded Perspective Daily - the first ad-free Online-Magazine for constructive journalism. Prior to that she was living in Canada, the Netherlands and London. At Perspective Daily she challenges the conventional journalistic approach.

Since April 2019 Maren also lectures media-psychology at the College for Media, Communication and Business (HMKW) in Cologne and in June her bestselling book “Schluss mit dem täglichen Weltuntergang” was released.

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